About RDC

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Rural Development Centre (RDC) at IIT Hyderabad was established in July 2020 with a vision to support rural development initiatives of the Government through innovative technologies being developed at IIT Hyderabad. The main objectives of RDC are as follows:

  • To identify the problems and needs of the rural people through direct interaction or with the help of reputed institutions/organizations/NGOs working for rural sectors.
  • To strengthen the UBA activities conducted in the villages adopted by IITH.
  • To help the NNS team to conduct activities in nearby villages.
  • To facilitate the faculty/staff/students who are passionate to develop technologies to be used in the field such as agriculture, sanitation, drinking water, etc. in rural areas.
  • To collaborate with institutions/industries interested to contribute meaningfully for the development of the rural sector.
  • To organize training/workshops on skills development to educate the villagers.
  • To spread awareness among rural people about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • To develop an academic framework for working on societal problems, their solution, and delivery.
  • To involve and motivate the students to work for the welfare of society.