Broad domains focued by the RDC

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There are many avenues which we are planning to address under this theme. One of the projects under this theme is to educate the school children about the Personal Health and Hygiene (PHH) in the adopted villages. We plan to introduce an interactive digital module in rural schools to educate the students about personal health and hygiene (PHH). Within PHH, there are many aspects which can be addressed with the most neglected yet vital area being menstrual health. Thus, in this project we focus mainly on PHH issues of girl children and some PHH issues in general (e.g., hand hygiene, Hygiene in social Interactions, Personal Wellbeing, etc.).

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Skill Development

The rural community has developed a niche for their indigenous art and craft practices. These art and craft forms have very high demand in urban market if properly showcased and supported with technological solutions. The Kumbhar community in rural Telangana, like in other parts of the country have been historically disadvantaged. There are a number of potter communities in the adopted villages of Salabatpur and Kannavaram. I intend to work with artisans from these communities whose product circulation is currently limited to immediate locale/market.